Thursday, May 20, 2010

True Peace For Seekers

I've roamed through the world beholding, how wide and fair it lay, Yet all of my longing draws me, far, far from this world away!

I've seen men and women searching, as they restlessly come and go, While the toil and the sorrow of living, is all that their sad hearts know.

They seek where there is no answer, in the honour and love of men, And their hearts are bereft of comfort and their souls laden down with sin.

Yet there is an end to searching, where the weary and sore distressed, Find new life in the Lord and his people, and sorrow is laid to rest!

There alone is true peace given, to seekers from every land, It streams from the throne of heaven, from the wounds of the conquering Lamb!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

The True Holy War

This is a time of great reason to war against the enemies of our soul. A time to suffer, a time to sacrifice, a time to groan, a time to die.

We all are well aware about the fact that it has been given to the beast to make war against the saints and overcome them. So in consideration he is doing just that,he is making war against the saints, and we seem to be loosing our influence in the market place, schools, media, internet, and so more. Slowly the antichrist spirit is working to see that the truth be hated and the lies loved.

One of these lies is the hideous notion that if it makes you sad it is wrong and if it makes you happy it is right. Sadly this one lie has destroyed more people than Hitler or Stalin ever could.

Think with me, the word of the Lord says: “For as much then as Christ hath suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves likewise with the same mind: for he that hath suffered in the flesh hath ceased from sin”
Can we agree that suffering is to be part of our weapons in this war against the flesh, the world and the devil? Yes, surely there can be no doubt in this regard, seeing that we are to glory in tribulation.

Here we are to consider that as it was given to Pontius Pilate to seemingly overcome the Lord Jesus, because it was given him from above. Even so the Christian will likewise be despised and rejected in the name of so called human wisdom. Yes they will be hated and unwelcome among the religious main stream ‘churches’.

What a sad sight when we are avoiding suffering, tribulation and rejection thinking that it is wisdom.

There is a war and it is not out there in some far country. No! It is in our own bosom. Let us fight the good fight of faith; let us arm ourselves with the right mind.

Come now, saints of God, arise and take your place in the ranks of God’s army, prepare to suffer with Christ. Speak forth the word of God with boldness, cry aloud, spare not, and show my people their sin. Let them see that they have left Me, the Fountain of Life and have hewed them out broken cisterns. Bring supplication and prayer with strong crying before our God, for this generation is immensely deceived. O how terrible is the wrath of God that awaits those who hold the truth in unrighteousness.

We are to hate iniquity and love righteousness in our lives.

* A holy hatred for selfishness, pride, jealousy, envy, anger, lust, covetousness, unbelief, friendship with the world, and any other work of the flesh lurking in us.
* A deep thirst and hunger after righteousness, that loves rebuke, to be humbled, misunderstood, forgotten, and any other virtue that can be used of God to form Christ Jesus in us.

When we fight and war with our brothers it is clearly a sign from God that we have lost the war against self. We would do right to put away the pointing of the finger and seek after holiness without which no man shall see God.

The war against the flesh is won by the weakest and most needy one, for He runs to the throne of God to find grace to help him in time of need. He like David cries out to God saying, O Lord, deliver me from my enemies that are too strong for me.

Are you armed and ready for war?