Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Don't Want It !

I don't want to live in a mansion,

While millions are without a bed.

I don't want to feast on fancy food,

While many are starving for bread.

I don't want to ride in a high-priced car,

While others must walk or stay home;

For pleasure I will not travel the world,

While homeless the millions just roam.

I don't want to waste my money for clothes,

Nor dress up just for show;

While millions a rag would be glad to put on,

And sometimes without one must go.

I don't want to spend my money for fun,

Or aimless pleasure my goals;

While others are working and giving to save

The millions of precious, lost souls.

I don't want to live just for myself,

Or let self be all my world;

While millions are dying without Jesus Christ,

And into perdition are hurled.

O God, help us who claim to be dead

To prove by the way that we live,

That immortal souls mean more to ourselves

As more to Thy service we give.

~David P. Denton

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